over sab, haar nonsens, haar ernst en haar plezier


didi: vreemd

Aangezien ik de naam Dichters op Dinsdag eer wil aanhouden een gedicht wat in zekere mate vreemd is maar ook een heerlijke ondertoon heeft. Maar ook heel erg realistisch en om over na te denken is.

Suicide Kid

water-pistol in hand
the kid
jumped out at us
from God knows where
he liked that water-pistol of his
shooting at us
until we pretended to panic
and ran away screaming
the kid laughed his head off
he looked like such a hero

we saw him again
at dusk
alone in the glow of the setting sun
sitting on the grass
pointing the pistol at himself
he put it in his mouth
with total concentration
no longer interested in us

there’s something strange about that kid
you said I knew
what you meant

but since he lived next-door to me
I knew what was really going on:
every time he went out to play
his mother would fill his water-pistol
with milk

I kept
this fact from you
just in case you were disappointed

--Yi Sha, 1997 --